Transilvania Quantum

A software quantum computing company.

Why quantum computing?

Quantum computing is an exciting new computing paradigm. While quantum technologies will not completely replace classical computing in the predictable future, these will nevertheless enhance the speed and accuracy for solving certain problems where classical solutions struggle due to the way existing approaches scale with the size of the problem or due to the sheer size of data. Sooner or later, any enterprise that relies on high-performance computing may benefit from quantum computing. Some of the most likely immediate applications are in simulations of physical systems for fields such as Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, and Materials Science. Other promising approaches can be identified in the field of Machine Learning and for large-scale optimization tasks in Logistics or Finance.

Where to begin?

Do you want to know what all this might mean for your bussines? We can help you get started:

☑ How could I benefit from quantum computing? Tell us what are the applications you want to optimize and we will point you in the right direction.

☑ How soon could my bussines benefit? Some of the most powerful application of quantum computing are safely one or even two decades away while others may be just around the corner. Looking into the crystall ball is not a precise science but we can give a realistic assesement that goes beyond the hype, based on the requirements and the nature of the applications you want to optimize.

☑ Do you want start investing in quantum computing software technologies but you don't have in-house expertise? We can help jumpstart your own team.

Quantum computers today?

Can I use quantum computers to solve my business problems today? Yes you can: the quantum annealing-based devices from the Canadian company D-Wave can handle and solve production-scale optimization problems today.